Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Measuring the Wait

I don't think I'm the only one
who measures our wait by the number of monthly parent support group meetings we attend.
The one last night was #20.
Stale banana nut-bread from Starbucks,
Jeff's almost-forgotten hot chocolate ("Sorry, I wasn't told about that order" said the barista)
and a handful of goldfish served as dinner.

A small sacrifice for such an experience.
I walked away from that meeting as amazed,
as blown away,
as I always am
by the fellowship of these wonderful people,
by the new friendships we are making,
by the healing power of shared experience, frustration, excitement
that this wait brings to us all.
I am reminded that there is learning to be gained
even from the most frustrating of times.

Last night, we met Lucas from Russia,
another Lucas from Ethiopia,
and Trevor from Korea (presented by proud big sister Emma with her sunny-blonde hair and smile).
Three little boys, some wide-eyed and active, some grumpy and over-tired,
but all adorable.
Several more people got their referrals, and they passed around photos,
beaming with joy and pride,
thankful that yet another milestone has been met,
that they are one step closer to bringing him home.

We passed around Matthew's photos yet again.
The oohs and aahs still thrill me.
Finally, to feel that pride, when the world comments on your kid.
And behind us,
my new friend Leslie cried.

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Mama C said...


This is a moving post--love the cold hot cocoa and the goldfish, and the echo I can hear in the room as Matthew's pictures circulates again.
The ending is gut wrenching. I feel your wait, and I know things are going to happen sooooo soon. You are right on the edge of this miracle. GO on lots of DATES this week and next--because it will be a long time before you get to go out just the two of you again!