Monday, October 19, 2009

Beautiful Poem About Waiting

My friend Catherine, who is author of the blog, Mama C and the Boys, saw our recent good-news post. In honor of us and Matthew, she posted a poem (called "This Is Where You'll Find Me") she had written a few years ago, while she was waiting for her son Sam. Click to read her blog: It is a fabulous blog that I have begun following (and our blogging/adoption connection has led us to become friends as a result!).

She captured exactly what it feels like during these last weeks of our wait, and she moved me to she frequently does on this beautiful blog of hers.

Happy Monday, everyone! It is crisp and cool here in MD, complete with the plumage of fall colors and a sunny blue sky (after our very wet and rainy weekend). I walked outside for a bit at lunch, and it felt so refreshing!

Inhale, exhale. (repeat)
He's almost here.

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