Friday, October 16, 2009

What Happens Next... downright surreal. Because there is only one more thing that has to happen! All that is next is an email from Holt with his travel/arrival info (dates, flight numbers, times, etc.). Our caseworker is faxing it to Holt so they know to expect it at the consulate. She says "That means everything is done here. Now we just wait for the email from Holt about arrival. I can't wait to call you with that news!"

Oh, Margie, I can't wait for you to call us with that news, either!

This is REALLY HAPPENING! WOW! We're going to have him in our arms in a matter of weeks. My heart is beating faster and faster...

As my brother-in-law put so well, and so succinctly, in his response to our latest good news:

Tick-tock, Momma

I love his brevity!

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Mama C said...

This is MAGNIFICENT news.

In honor of your imminent arrival I am going to post a poem that I write while for Sam on my blog tonight. I have been meaning to send it to you all week--but just realized that I don't have an email for you--which is fine--and if you ever want to send it along feel free. (mine is on my blog-the profile part)
Don't forget--go on lots and lots of dates!!!
So elated for you, for Matthew.
PS--great adoption book to get-through the web site of the author I think is the only way--but many I know in the adoption community are reading it now:
Learning the Dance of Attachment
An Adoptive Parent's Guide to Fostering Healthy Development
By Holly van Gulden--it s clinical-but accessible indeed.