Friday, October 23, 2009

Letter From State Department

Letter received yesterday, 10/22:

"The State Department's National Visa Center has recently received your approval form I600. This letter is to inform you that your petition has been forwarded to the approropriate visa-issuing post where the adoption interview will take place....This case has been forwarded to the Embassy of the United States, Visa Unit, Seoul, South Korea. Sincerely, Bureau of Consular Affairs."

I believe this means that his visa is now in Seoul. Not sure who they're interviewing...maybe I should call them and tell them that Matthew doesn't talk yet...but he'd be happy to babble some answers in baby-speak.

Tomorrow we will celebrate 11 years of marriage! Can't believe it was 11 years ago tomorrow that we tied the knot. It was the most gorgeous of October days in PA...unseasonably warm, sunny, with the colors of autumn abounding. Ah, many good times to remember, and so many more to look forward to with Matthew!

I imagine postings will continue to be more frequent than they have been. So stay tuned! Love and peace to all.

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