Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Surprise Baby Shower at ASHA

A random Wednesday.
With very heavy winds.
A "last-minute meeting" to discuss the reorg. (sigh...what now?)
An almost deserted 2nd floor as I walk down to the "meeting." (still no clue)
Kinda bummed b/c I didn't have time to make my Progresso Vegetable Soup (read: boring lunch).
Instead, I shovel applesauce into my mouth, figuring it'll fill me until after the meeting.
I open the door, and they are there, sitting in chairs,
in a U-shaped formation.
(Hmmm...this isn't the usual setup for a meeting...)
Still it doesn't register. (!)
Then, a camera flash.
Finally, it clicks.
I look around the room and see the faces
of the people I work with every team, my friends, my yoga students.
All of them there.
A potluck spread of delicious food.
A gorgeous cake complete with stork.
A table filled with gifts.
All of this to celebrate our Matthew,
an adorable little boy half a world away.
Suddenly, she-who-likes-to-speak is speechless.
Word girl HAS no words.
(Jeff would have loved to have been there for THAT!)
I would have cried had I not been so shocked.
Surprised that they actually surprised me.
Grateful for the good that they are.
Blessed with the gifts of their friendship.
Humbled by their generosity
and their wonderful ability to make MY version of motherhood
indistinguishable from everyone else's.
I still have no words.
Tears will come later, but they WILL come.
For now, there is just joy.
Sheer, delicious, grateful, humble joy.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

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