Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Love at Face Value

Love at Face Value
A poem for Matthew

Only a photo? I’ll take it,
If that’s all we have for now.
Two adorable photos:
one with eyes open,
One with eyes closed,
Both looked upon with love by your daddy’s and my adoring eyes.
The same two photos are everywhere in our home—
in big frames hanging on walls, in stand-up frames propped on pianos,
in medium-sized frames next to our desks at work,
and in tiny sizes, tucked into wallets and purses
for those spontaneous moments of parental boasting.
We can’t wait to bring you home, Matthew…
into our arms and into our lives.
There is such hope and such joy living in our hearts
where once there was none.
May you travel safely and peacefully on your journey to us.
Know that already, you are loved, little boy.
I’m not sure how to explain or understand
the feelings that I have.
I mean, how can I truly “love” a photo?
But I do.
And I love not just the idea of you, but YOU, yourself.
How can I love a stranger half a world away?
Again, my only answer: I just do.
What if we were matched with someone else? But we weren’t.
We were chosen for you, and you for us.
Enough analyzing: I think I’ll just take this love at face value
and not spend a lot of time or deep inquiry
questioning what can only be explained as
“the way things were meant to be.”
You were in the stars—in our stars.
You have already wiggled your way into our hearts and our lives.
Now, all we have to do is get you home.
Your room is ready:
The lights are soft and warm and dim.
The rocker is in place.
The lullaby CDs are sitting on the shelf, and the lovies are in the crib.
You have blankets and shirts and socks and tons of colorful toys.
And, of course, you have us!
I love you, my son. How can one little face be so perfect?


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Eileen said...

Let me guess - took you about 20 mins to write - I just posted a note on Facebook about your ASHA shower blog with how you amaze me with words and I think this one is even more amazing! I love Matthew already as well and you know I love you too!