Thursday, October 22, 2009

Car Seat Installation/Medical Update on Matthew/Still Waiting

Last night, our awesome neighbors Gil and Karen helped us install Car Seat #1. Gil is a manager at a local car dealership and is certified in car seat installation. Do you know he had to attend five days (8 hours a day) of training to get certified? And then another week of in-the-field training? So, yeah, he knows his stuff. Matthew's seat is in the Outback; we just need to get #2 into the Honda.

Before this happened, our caseworker called last night and scared the crap out of us. We thought for sure it was "the call" when she asked Jeff to have me pick up the other phone.

But it was another medical update (which is a good thing--as much as I want the call to come, I also want to hear how he's doing).

He is starting to babble single words and repeats words you say to him. He has started playing peek-a-boo. He weighs 24 pounds (gained 1 or 2 pounds since his last checkup two months ago).

Jeff asked if she thinks mid-November is a realistic expectation. She replied "I'm not even going to attempt a guess."


And so we wait...


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