Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday Haiku

Seoul, South Korea...he's somewhere down there! (Image courtesy of Google)

I was ordering some Christmas presents online today, and the retailer offered the coolest thing: A free gift for submitting a "holiday haiku" along with my purchase! How cool! How fun! How random!

I jumped at the opportunity for some random, unplanned poetry. Hey, I can do 5-7-5, right? In fact, it'll probably be a challenge, given my penchant for long-windedness.

Plus, my order was in process, and I didn't want to get timed out--with my credit card number hanging out there, mid-transaction, in cyberspace--so I hurried to create the following haiku.

The subject will be no surprise to you...

From Seoul to my soul
He will be home for Christmas
Motherhood awaits

Pretty good, huh? I'll let you know what my free gift is.

1 comment:

am said...

Hi sis-
So good to see you over the weekend. I so admire your fortitude and patience. I want you to know that every chance I get, I imagine a very long almost invisible (but very strong) thread connecting Matthew to you and gently (but quickly) pulling him towards you and Jeff. And every day I say to myself "come home little boy". Love you so much-