Monday, November 9, 2009

Another Love Story Begins

Shouting out to my friend M.D.,
a woman who has inspired me so much over these many months.
Fellow waiting mom, single-parent-by-choice, friend from way back in the day.
She and I have shared many an email in the past year, commisserating about our latest commonality on the friendship spectrum: our imminent parenthood, and that crazy four-letter word (W-A-I-T) that has both of us wondering how we still have any hair left on our heads.

Well, her wait is over: On Friday she brought her son B. home...
into her heart, into her life, into her family.
All this waiting, then BAM! There he was.
"Adorable" goes without saying.
"Beautiful" does his description little justice.
A late-Thursday-night phone call: "You've been selected by a birth mom!"
A trip to the hospital on Friday. He was born that day.
They went home together on Saturday.
And so begins yet another love story
of family, of meant-to-be together people whose definition of love is defined not by DNA but by destiny.

My friend is the definition of optimism, positive energy, and vibrant spirit.
She has waited a long time. She has been so giving to others.
She is amazingly gifted with children; she is just plain fun to be around.
Over the years, she has posed in many a photo, holding newborn nephews, newborn children of good friends.

well, this time, the woman in the photo is not an aunt, or a friend.
She's the "Mom."
This time, the child in the HER son.

This post is dedicated to M.D. and B.R.D., a knock-your-socks-off mother-son combo who I just know is going to rock this crazy world with their silliness, their strength, and their love for each other. All the best to you and your son. You and he are blessed indeed.

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