Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Me and My Button

I'm not sure why I haven't ever posted photos, except for the one I use for the blogger profile page, but I haven't. Until now.

So many people have been asking me "What's the update on Matthew?" In fact, so very many people have been asking me that my wonderful friend Debby made me a button last night.

Yes, a button! Attached is a photo of my button.

It's a nice purple shade, and it matches marvelously with most of my outer vestments.

And it's a nice, quick answer for everyone. This way, when you see me and my button, you'll immediately know the answer to that question you were going to ask! I wish the answer were different, but for now, it's the same:

"Not yet!"

Don't you wish you had a friend with a button maker, who could make you a button of your very own?

What would yours say?


am said...

What a great idea! What a creative good friend you have! You are the epitomy of patience and you inspire me. Love - Am

Emily Nevarez said...

LOL!! Mine would say something similar, just in reference to our referral instead of travel call!!