Monday, November 2, 2009

8 Months In This World

Dear Matthew,

As of today, you are 8 months in this world.

Can't believe I didn't think of this until 4:47 p.m.,
after a day spent clicking and clacking away on my keyboard,
nagging authors, proofreading journal articles, managing freelancer invoices, and ticking off items on the to-do list.

Tonight, there's yoga (with me as student! what a treat!)...
and dinner with the love of my life (just to reassure you...yes, that would be your dad!)...
and reading books in the living room with the dog splayed out beside us...
maybe some vino, too.

Yes, definitely some vino.

And when my head finally hits the pillow, Little Man,
my dreams--as always--will be of you.

Happy 8 Months, Matthew Seong-jin! We Love You!

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