Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Latest From Our Caseworker

So, here's the message I just got from Margie, about "what's next" (these caseworkers put in way more than 40 hours per week!):

Your approval will be sent to Korea, showing them that the U.S. government will allow him to come into the country. Now it's up to Holt [our international adoption agency] to finish the processing on their end. THEN we'll get notice of his arrival!

Gimme an H!
Gimme an O!
Gimme an L!
Gimme a T!

What's that spell? HOLT!
Louder: HOLT!
Louder: HOLT!
(Do you think they can hear us all the way over in Seoul? Given my lungs, I wouldn't put it past me.)

Ha ha! And I was never even a cheerleader!

Seriously, everyone think good thoughts that Holt will respond quickly and bring him home to us soon! We are SO CLOSE! Reading all of these adoption articles just makes me want him home with us even more!

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