Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Remind Me About Patience Again...

...and how wonderful a trait it is? Today, I am forgetting.

{insert HUGE SIGH here}

Turns out I didn't quite understand the process and how it works (no surprise there; just when I think I understand it, another loophole or twist is explained to me).

Here's the latest from our caseworker in response to a recent e-mail (see my sidenote in unitalicized brackets):

This is not the one we're waiting for
[that is, the form I referred to in my recent posts]. This is good, because it shows that you have been refingerprinted, but it is not the baby's approval to come into the country. Your I-600 and legals were sent to CIS on 9/4, so you're waiting for child's approval. Give CIS until second week of October, then send email asking about it. [The woman in charge of adoption paperwork at CIS] has been slow to get approvals done, but I don't want this to hold up arrival.

All I know is this: Our son is not here yet basically because of bureaucracy, paperwork, red tape, and ONE WOMAN'S busy schedule. ONE WOMAN! I definitely would not want her job.

Second week of October translates to "he's not coming in mid-October."

The woman at CIS saying "Wow, this week is SO busy for me! I didn't get to nearly all the approvals I wanted to" translates, for us, to "Add another week to the wait." It's interesting how the actions of one person can dramatically and directly affect us waiting families.

Chin up, I know. I'm not letting it get me down but it is disappointing. I just never anticipated this much roller-coaster activity this late in the game. You all have been great with all of your support; keep it coming.


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