Thursday, May 8, 2008


[insert visual: Kathleen doing her happy dance, which is downright scary and you don't want to see it b/c I'm a horrible dancer]

The fire department and health inspectors came yesterday, and we passed both. Of course there's a story that goes along with that.

The fire department came and went in about 10 min.

The health inspector, on the other hand, wouldn't actually pass us yesterday b/c of one issue: Our other two "doors of egress" (door to the garage and door leading out of the mud room onto the side of our house) did not have a deadbolt lock that can be turned from the inside with a twist of one's hand. The front door had it, so we thought we were good (that was one of the criteria they stipulated in the list we received). Nope. So we called a local locksmith, who came right out that day and installed the two required locks. Then the inspector came back this morning and passed us. Yay!

Both inspections took less than 10 min. So much for our diligent cleaning. Well, at least we have a nice, clean house now! With new trash cans...and smoke detectors...and ceiling paint. (sigh) We should invest in Home Depot stock or something!

We went to an adoption seminar on Korean culture/education on Tuesday evening. We also attended the monthly "Parents in Progress" support group meeting that same night. It was great to connect with other couples who are at similar stages of the process, one of whom live in Olney! So we exchanged information and are going to get together for dinner sometime.

Next week, we have our first of two all-day Tuesday adoption education classes. I'm excited, b/c it's also the day we are going to turn in our entire home study packet to our caseworker (while we're there, might as well kill two birds with one stone, ya know?). Turning in this packet is one of those "adoption milestones," so this is a big, big deal for us!

Sorry for the long post. There is so much going on this week!

Talk soon, and hugs to all.

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tara said...

Congrats, Kath! I would LOVE to see your happy dance. An image of you and I dancing around a freshly tapped keg at the Phi Delta house comes to mind. He He
I am cheering for you on this journey.