Friday, May 30, 2008

Grateful for So Many Gifts

Nothing earth-shatteringly new here. Just wanted to check in and say hi.

So, what have I been doing to pass the time while our caseworker continues to work on our home study and I continue to avoid the temptation to pick up the phone or send a curious e-mail?

Let's see: I've been diligently reading about all things adoption, in between pausing for some fun reading ("Run" by Ann Patchett, at the moment). Even the fun reading has an adoption twist. Get this: It happens to be about a mixed-race family (two Caucasian parents with a son by birth and two African American brothers who they adopted)! I didn't know this when I started reading it. How weird is THAT, that it happened to be on my book club's reading list for this summer? Eegads, I'm getting goosebumps. It's a really good read so far, and it addresses some of the racial discrimination/stereotypes that mixed-race families (such as we will be) typically face. These were some of the very issues we discussed in our adoption class! Interesting to read how this family, however fictional they may be, handles and responds to callous comments/looks from strangers and friends alike (e.g., in the book, extended family members routinely refer to the adopted children as the "little boys" rather than just lumping everyone together into the category of "your sons"). Interesting.

I've been teaching a LOT of yoga these past few weeks. My regular Monday night class, as well as classes twice a week at work (for a one-month trial period only). Plus my regular weekly class where I, myself, am a student. All of this yoga is really helping me with this beginning of our "waiting game" to get our kid.

I had dinner with an old friend last night who I hadn't seen in about 10 years--we had lost touch and just recently reconnected! It was so meaningful to get together with her and reminisce, laugh, and catch up.

I spent a fun Memorial Day Weekend at my brother Steve's house in NJ with my entire family. I had such fun with my nieces, siblings, and parents. My brother and I were the last ones awake and got pretty darn toasted, let me tell ya.

All of these things that I just mentioned (among many others that I don't have space for!) have made me feel so wonderfully grateful for all of the gifts in my life. Those gifts show up as people (like you who may be reading this), physical and psychological growth (like yoga), and just plain old good times (like laughing with friends and getting drunk with my brother).

Life is pretty good. And when we get this kid, it'll be that much better!

Rock on. And have a great weekend.


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