Monday, May 12, 2008

Ain't Nothin' but a Hound Dog

It all comes back to the dogs. Funny how that is.

This weekend, we finished up the missing pieces of our home study packet, made a photocopy for us to keep, and will be submitting it to Margie tomorrow at our adoption education class (all day). YAY! What a huge relief it is to finish this up! And I'm so excited about our class tomorrow. We'll be meeting families that we will very likely be traveling with to Korea, when the time comes. We'll be part of the "May 2008 Home Study Group." I'm sure we're on our way to meeting some very close future friends (or so my friends who have adopted tell me). There's nothing like shared experiences to bring strangers together as friends.

The only thing that is missing from the home study packet (but won't prevent me from submitting it anyway!) is the darn dog licenses for Montgomery County. Once we get the metal tags in the mail, we have to photocopy each one and submit them as part of the home study, to prove that our dogs are properly licensed and "legal" in our county. I called Animal Control today to check on the status...they said they will be mailed this week. So these tags are only days away from coming in the mail. I think Margie will be satisfied, for now, with this answer (knowing that I'll be able to send her something next week).

Go figure...who would've ever thought that the very last piece of the puzzle would be two shiny metal tags to be affixed to the collars of our beloved beagles? Today, Elvis Presley's famous song rings truer than ever before...

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