Wednesday, May 14, 2008

First Adoption Education Class

Our class yesterday went very well...we learned so much about adoptive parenting and how it is both different and yet similar to birth parenting. Too much to really go into on a blog site, but suffice to say, we emerged much more enlightened about our future role as parents!

We met three other couples (two of whom are adopting from Korea, one of whom is adopting from India), as well as a very nice single woman who is adopting from Russia. Catholic Charities is compiling all of our contact information and will share it with all of us at next week's class, so that we may keep in touch with one another even after these two classes come to an end.

Turns out that the one guy, Bryon, grew up in Cunningham, PA, which is only about an hour from my hometown of Dunmore--in addition, we lived in the Cunningham/Hazleton area when I was very small, so we were talking about our shared small-town PA was very cool. What a small world.

I am very tired today, though. It was a LOT of mental stimulation and "work," absorbing all of this. This is not small stuff that they are teaching will indeed be life-changing, and although we're certainly ready for it, it still takes a lot out of ya! I am drinking coffee right now, which tells you something (I am not a coffee drinker and only resort to it in times of desperation).

Talk to you all soon! Thanks, as always, for caring enough to check in and find out our latest scoop.


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