Monday, May 5, 2008

Taking Time Out in NYC

What a wonderful weekend I had with my awesome friend Serena, her husband Dan, and their two adorable sons, Declan (2.5) and Griffin (11 mos). They live in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn...very nice part of town, walkable to pretty much everything. We walked around Prospect Park (what an amazing park--you feel like you are in the middle of the country!), went to the local market, Serena and I went to a live show at the Bowery Ballroom (trying to get my live music fixes in while I still can!), and of course, I had such fun playing with the boys all weekend long! The weather was AMAZING and it was just the respite that I needed. I did absolutely nothing adoption related...meanwhile, Jeff was dealing with carpet cleaners and getting the house in tiptop shape for our health inspection, God bless him (I think the inspection will be this Wed, with the fire inspection).

It was nice hanging out with little our family it's mostly girls. They sure love their books, which made me soooo happy and more than willing to read them story after story after story. Declan played his guitar and sang to me about chicken nuggets and dinosaurs and "you are my sunshine." He's gonna be a rock star when he grows up!

The Amtrak ride from DC to Penn Station went w/o a hitch, but my subway adventure getting to Brooklyn was, um, interesting to say the least. But I got there, and from then on, we had SUCH A BLAST that I forgot all about my confusion on the subway earlier in the weekend. Suffice to say that I am relaxed, renewed, refreshed, and ready to plow ahead on a lot of home study-related stuff we have going on this week!

Talk soon, and more updates as things happen.


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tara said...

Hey Kath,
Sounds like things are moving along. I fear child services are on their way to remove my kids after reading what a safe house should be like!! You are never far from my thoughts!