Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Weird Dreams About Motherhood

So, last night I dreamed that I was in this mall, shopping with my friends from high school, and I kept on looking for a maternity clothing store. The mall person kept referring me to the regular maternity clothing store--you know, the only one there is...for pregnant women. And I kept patiently explaining to her: "No, I was told there is a maternity clothing store for adoptive moms-to-be! Where is THAT store?" I kept insisting to her that this store existed. She kept insisting that it didn't.

But then in the middle of the dream, I stopped, thought for a moment, and realized: "Aha! I don't need new clothes! I am indeed going to be a mother--but I don't need to worry about replacing my wardrobe for 9 months, like most women do!"

And then I kind of chuckled to myself, and I thought, "Well, that's kinda nice, isn't it?"

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Tammy Hetzel said...

Kath: The strange thing about your dream is that I went on line the other day and search for "adoption" clothing, etc....there is stuff out there. Some is not what I would think you would want, but it's out there. Seriously, I'd say you are spending your money on other things so don't worry, even if it's not new clothes for you I'm sure you're spending money as all parents-to-be do as they prepare for their bundle of joy (sleepless nights, etc....)
I'd love to see the list of 25 things you need to have/do in your house - it's no wonder we all survived in the homes we grew up in. seriously though, I understand there is a process. I've had friends in our area go through adoption and it's quite a bit of work! You are doing a great job!!!

God's love & peace,