Monday, April 7, 2008

Friends: My Lifeline

Have you ever had one of those really special times with your friends, where you left thinking, "Wow. I am the luckiest person on Earth to have these souls in my life!" Well, that's what this past weekend was like for me. I am so blessed and humbled to have such amazing and supportive friends in my life. It blows me away, sometimes. They are truly my lifeline, just when I think there's nothing left to hold onto.

What precipitated this, you ask? Well, we had our annual "spa weekend" with all of my friends from high school. This was our fourth year. There were only 9 of us this time (usually, there are 11). This year, it was in the DC area again, so yours truly had a houseful of friends to host! We had such fun! First, we got pampered at the spa on Saturday afternoon (and as is customary, got yelled at in the Tranquil Lounge b/c we were being too loud and obnoxious), then came back to the Halverson Homestead for the after-party (no one yelled at us there). Then it was brunch the next morning at our friends' place, where we looked through our old high school yearbooks and tried (somewhat successfully) to remember people's names--and to make fun of each other for our lovely eighties hair and stylish fashion sense. I laughed so hard this weekend my stomach hurt for much of the weekend. At one point, I had tears streaming down my face and I could barely breathe--and it felt so darn good to be crying out of HAPPINESS rather than anything else! Friends are so healing and so necessary in a journey such as ours. It was a much-needed break for me from the adoption paperwork that we are slowly digging into and getting done. I just felt so HAPPY the entire weekend! No better way to put it than that.

And my friends were so very supportive of our adoption process, asking curious questions and expressing a general interest. It touched me, that people really are seeing this as our version of pregnancy and are treating us pretty much the same as any other set of expectant parents. It means a lot to me. Keep the questions coming--not just on the blog but when you see me in person! I love answering the questions and getting the sense that people are "in this" with us.

Anyone who knows me knows how important my friends are to me, so reading my sentiments here shouldn't be a huge surprise. But I just wanted to "get it out there" and speak my truth to the world: I am so blessed to have all of you as friends. Not just the spa ladies, but anyone who may be reading this. We should all be counting our blessings, even (and most especially) during our most difficult times, when it may be kind of hard to do so.

There's really no update as of yet. Just getting our paperwork done and STILL working on this whole financial end of things for the adoption. I really, really hope it's resolved this week, as it's definitely causing me some angst. So please continue praying, thinking positively, sending good energy, or doing whatever you typically do to wish good outcomes upon people! I'm working hard on that myself.

Hugs to all, and have a great week!

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Anonymous said...

I've just caught up on your latest posts. I'm excited you've decided on Korea...that's fantastic. I hate that I missed the "spa weekend" this year. We had fun on our trip, but as you said so beautifully in your post, our friends are a lifeline! I so look forward to that once a year get together to reinvigorate and remind me. I'm sure the financial stuff will work itself out and I know the paper work must feel tedious at times, but everything you are doing brings you one step closer. Sending you and Jeff lots of love and positive mojo, Deb