Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Online Courses, Health Inspections, and State Fingerprinting

Hi, everyone. Our days continue to be busy, filled with not only our weekly activities (teaching yoga, taking yoga, taking drumming lessons, meeting friends for dinner) but also our efforts at gathering the necessary documents for the home study and meeting the necessary requirements. In addition to all of that, Jeff is traveling to Boston this week for two days and then to Boulder next week for about half the week.

Yesterday, I took one of the required online adoption courses: Medical Issues in International Adoption. It was kind of scary, reading about all of the health problems that your child "can" have, but it was eye-opening, too. Better to be prepared for these things than to clueless. I signed up for a bunch of other courses that I'll take in the upcoming weeks.

And on Saturday, we are going to Pikesville, MD (suburb of Baltimore) to get our state fingerprinting done.

Next week, the health inspector for our county is coming to our home. So we have to prepare for that by doing things like making sure there is no peeling paint anywhere on the inside of the home, making sure our trash cans have lids, and ensuring that smoke detectors are installed (and functional) in certain required areas of the home. These are just three examples of the list of about 25 things we have to go over and make sure we're ready for. So we'll be doing some prep work before that inspector comes out.

I'm still estimating late May, early June for the time when we'll be able to submit our completed home study packet to our social worker. Definitely not before then. After she reads through it and makes sure we've met all the requirements, she'll schedule two home visits, where she comes to our home to interview us and assess our living space.

That's all for now. Hope you all are having a wonderful week.


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