Friday, June 12, 2009

Wonderful Connections

Hi, everyone. It's Friday, and it's NOT raining! It's not exactly super sunny out either, but I can't tell you how good it feels to see dry roads and not be ducking in and out of pouring-down rain! Plus, it helps the mood, too, ya know?

I recently joined the Adoptive Families Facebook group, and I am already making some fabulous new friends from posting and reading other people's postings. Shouting out to my new friend Angie in CA--she and her hubby are waiting parents in the domestic adoption program. I'm very excited for them both, and I just KNOW that they will be selected by a birthmother very soon and baby will come shortly thereafter. I will keep you both in my thoughts/prayers. Angie and I are looking forward to comparing notes on domestic vs. international adoption (it'll be interesting to see both perspectives!) and supporting each other as we continue on this fascinating, exciting, mysterious journey toward parenthood!

I'm so thankful for the connections I'm making. It's great to have friends to support you, but it's even better to have friends who are experiencing pretty much the same exact thing you are. Thanks to Adoptive Families for joining Facebook and making it all that much easier for us waiting parents to connect with each other.

Sending positive energy out to all my peeps who are fellow "waiters"! The weight of the wait (get it?) somehow feels lessened already!

We're heading to PA tomorrow morning for Elena's christening. Very excited and honored that my best friend Mara and her husband Ron selected me as the godmother of their third child, Elena Anne. And boy is she one cute bambino. And of course while we are at my parents' house, it goes without saying that we'll get some good visiting time in with my family, and most especially my nieces. Life is good, God/the universe has blessed us, and I feel so very grateful for it all.

Talk to you all soon,

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