Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Friend's Trip to Russia

My friend Debbie just got back from her trip to Russia to visit her son. With Russia, you go there to accept the referral, then go home, and then you come back a few months later to pick up your child and go home for good. Long story why this is (too long to detail here).

Anyway, she and I had dinner, and the photos of him are ADORABLE. It was fascinating to hear about her experience in Russia, and the story of her long journey to get there, knowing that she had to turn around and go home without him (this time). But she has a great attitude...she just can't wait to get him home! The children's home where he lives is actually really decent looking...very clean, lots of colorful toys, a loving staff and caretakers, etc. It was good to see the kids getting such good care. They take them outside to play and everything. Definitely notches up my opinion of orphanages in general...this isn't too shabby. He looks like he's well taken care of.

It was neat to hear her referring to him as "my son this" and "my son that." Someday soon that will be us! I hope!

I recently joined Adoptive Families' Facebook page (Adoptive Families is a bimonthly magazine that we subscribe to). It's been neat chatting with fellow waiting moms. Plus I've also found some adoptive moms on a few local listserves (DC Urban Moms and DC Working Moms).

Anyway, the wait continues, but not without staying busy, that's for sure.

Even as I continue to practice yoga, I also continue to practice PATIENCE! Ha ha! Here's to that.


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Angie said...

Dear Kath,

Congrats on your upcoming adoption! My husband & I got our approval in January, so it's been 6 months of waiting for us too. We live in Reseda, CA and have chosen domestic adoption. I got your blog off the Adoptive Families group off of Facebook. So glad I did. It's comforting to read others in the same situation. It's an emotional roller coaster but will be SO worth it when we hold our little baby.

I'm 43 years and have had 3 miscarriages. Such painful things to go through. We are so excited about our adoption though!!

I would love for you to read our blog also.

Please let's keep in touch. I'm here if you ever need to talk.
is my email and find me on Facebook
Angela Campolla-Sanders

All the best,