Friday, June 5, 2009

Sometimes I get so tired...

...of people telling me all the negative things about parenting. Diapers, poop, sleepless nights, a life no longer your own...and the list goes on.

(sigh) What I wouldn't give for ONE poopy diaper, ONE sleepless night. I'll take the bad with the good. Just bring our kid home already!

I know people don't mean it, but it still hurts when I hear people whining and warning me about aspects of parenting that, quite frankly, I would give the world to have.

And I really, REALLY wish it would stop raining. It's making me sad and grumpy!

It's supposed to be nice tomorrow (at least here in MD). Jeff and I are going to this DanceAfrica DC festival, where he and his drumming class will be performing onstage at 12:30. It's in Northeast DC and should be fun; I went last year. Their group is really good!

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Angie said...

I can relate 100%!!! Another one I can't stand is. "You know once you adopt, you're going to get pregnant." Like we're adopting only because we want to get pregnant and that it somehow will lessen our adopted child. Yes. We did try and try to get pregnant but it didn't happen. We now are just as excited about adoption as if we were pregnant!! They mean well, but...just don't get it.