Thursday, April 9, 2009

Friends Getting Referrals, Updating Our Home Study

Hi, everyone! We had a parent support group meeting Tuesday evening in Baltimore, and we found out that several of our friends got their referrals! Their babies are beautiful! Three couples who are adopting from Korea got referrals...and since they were ahead of us on the list, now we are bumped up by that many slots! (CC still doesn't tell us what our number is on the list, but there are 16 families waiting for boys, and we think we're at least halfway up the list, if not higher). The new estimate for time to referral is 14 months. Our paperwork went to Korea in June 2008, so it'll be 14 months in August. So hopefully we will have a referral (remember this is the "match") by the end of the summer.

I have to say, friends, the waiting is getting much much harder (to those of you waiting longer than me, sorry that I'm saying this, and I empathize with your wait!), and time seems to be passing much slower. This is the biggest test of patience I think I've ever been through in my life. I was riding with my friend Kyrie and her mom and her kids in Vienna, VA, the other day, and Kyrie started to pull into a parking spot that was labeled with a stork ("for expectant mothers only") so she was like "Whoops!" and started to pull away. But I screamed "Hey! I'm 'pregnant'! I've been freaking pregnant for 12 months now! Park here, dammit!" And she did. Ha ha! It was great. We parked there. And I dare anyone to argue with me about that.

Apparently, our caseworker informed us, we have to update our home study. So we need to obtain new copies of our latest certified driving records, we have to fill out another financial "scenario" form, we have to get new letters from our employers (stating that yes, we still work there, we were hired on X date, and we make X money). And there's one more thing I'm forgetting (I really hope it's not something ultra-bureaucratic like getting re-fingerprinted with the state or something--ugh).

Anyway, life continues to move on, and we continue to look forward to the day when we are finally, ourselves, parents. That will be one freaking awesome day.

Love you all!

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