Friday, March 21, 2008

This Is My "Pregnancy"

It's Friday (my favorite day of the week!), and the sun is shining outside my office window. It's still a bit cold but there's definitely spring (and hope!) in the air. Jeff and I are driving to PA for Easter weekend, so I'm really looking forward to a relaxing weekend with family and friends.

I was thinking today that, in a way, this adoption journey represents my "pregnancy." I know that it's different: It's not like I'm going through morning sickness or craving odd foods or getting nauseous when I see raw chicken (actually, I do get nauseous when I see raw chicken, but I always have, and it has nothing to do with pregnancy). But similar to those lucky women whose bellies are expanding by the day and who are anxiously waiting to meet their child, I too am waiting. In fact, my "pregnancy" will likely be much longer than the 9 months that most women must wait.

I just thought that this was an interesting perspective/comparison, and it makes me feel more connected to my friends/family who are, or have been, pregnant. Makes me feel more part of the "parent club" that I'm so anxious to join. Makes me feel like I can relate, in some way, to the pregnant women of the world.

I really like this blogging thing. Even if no one reads what I'm writing, it feels so good to be writing it.

On this very first day of day of spring, may this hopeful season make a bright and joyful entrance to your lives!

Peace out,

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Ghazala said...

Adoption is a great choice! Why is it "cool" when celebs adopt but when everyday folks do it, it's "the lst resort"?

I'm glad you're enjoying your journey to parenthood. Trust me, it's better without all the weight gain! :))