Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Piles of Paper

Let's break down the word paperwork, shall we? (For purposes of this home study)

Paper + "work" = Kathleen and Jeff being buried in bureaucratic documents for the next couple weeks. Ugh.

But that's OK...considering the outcome! It'll all be worth it in the end. I'm told that all memory of this process melts away when your child is finally in your arms...we cannot WAIT for that day!

In the meantime, let's sweat the small stuff, shall we?

This home study dealio is unbelievable! The things we need to do include getting a health inspection and a fire inspection from the county; replacing our current fire extinguisher with a higher model (we have a "1A" and we need a "2A," whatever that means); getting certified copies of our driving record (each one of us) from the Motor Vehicle Administration (groan--how long will THAT take, considering their reputation?)--and having our employer sign it (what the heck?); getting a detailed physical and bloodwork from our physician; answering a bunch of essay questions about parenting, our marriage, etc.; getting letters verifying employment from our companies; getting three references (one apparently from a priest, minister, or community leader); getting fingerprinted from the state and from the federal government (bunch of steps in each one); taking a bunch of online courses (that cost $35 a pop); reading several books; taking two all-day adoption classes; and the list goes on. We'll move through this as fast as we can, but I have a feeling we won't be finished with this until something like June.

And those are only about one-quarter of the things we have to do. I'm serious. Much of this will involve--yes--even more "waiting," because much of this will be out of our control (e.g., we are at the mercy of whenever the fire inspector can come, whenever the health department can come, etc.).

Wish us luck as we embark upon this home study process! Adoptive parents, please share your thoughts and any tips on how you got through this phase of the process! Good grief!

But even with this enlightening if not somewhat overwhelming day, you still can't wipe the smile off my face. It's so exciting to be on this journey!

Peace and Happy Hump Day (well, it's ALMOST Wednesday, anyway),

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