Monday, June 16, 2008

Slight Change (But All Is Still Good)

Well, today I got an email in which Margie amended her original estimate of the mail date to Korea. They are actually mailing the home study to Korea and to CIS on the same day: this coming Friday (June 20). I'm not terribly surprised, nor am I worried/upset about it. It's all still good stuff--our home study should arrive in Korea next week, as opposed to this week. (I suppose this is just a sampling of the typical "delays" that an adoptive family experiences!) She said that this will have very little impact (if at all) on our wait, that a few days is no big deal but she always wants to keep us up-to-the-minute informed.

We went to our neighbor's house this weekend for a barbecue on Father's Day. They have four adopted children (two boys, two girls; two in college, two in high school/middle school) from Korea. They pulled out the scrapbooks, and we saw some of their photos. So exciting. We saw photos of their youngest, Caitlin (sp?), when she was new to their family. They also showed us their "Homeland Tour" photos, where John (the dad) and two of the kids (Karen and David) traveled back to Korea, when the kids were about 12 and 10, and they were able to meet up with their foster moms who had cared for them very early in their lives! We've been told that things like this are very important for adopted kids--gives them a sense of closure, completeness, filling in of the "gaps" that may exist in their young lives. It's also, as you can imagine, VERY emotional for both the child (who may or may not remember her but still feels a connection) and the foster mom (who remembers well). Doing things like this definitely makes it feel more real for us. They were giving us all kinds of helpful advice and tips.

We feel so supported on this journey, and we're so thankful for that!

Hugs to you all, and talk soon.


Serendebity said...

Just to let you know that I frequently read your wonderful blog but never comment (well, maybe once). Am so pleased for you and Jeff - you will be the BEST parents! Know that I continue to keep you in my prayers through this process. You are doing great:)
Much love!
Oh, and NAMASTE:)

Anonymous said...

It's been a while since we've chatted, but school is out now so I have caught up on reading your posts. I can't believe how far the process has come!!! Looks like just a bit of patience now at this stage....eeek!

love you lots,