Thursday, June 12, 2008

Airing My Pissiness

OK, now that I gave you the good news, it's time for a less-than-blissful gripe session. Hang onto your hats, kids. I hope you're prepared to be the ears and shoulders you said you'd be for us during this process, b/c I need you right now!

Can I tell you how much I didn't like having a person who is still almost a complete stranger coming to our home, assessing its cleanliness, advising us on how to parent, suggesting how to set up our home so it's "safe" for children, and actually suggesting that we should plan on decorating our home with some Korean art/cultural items (not that I'm averse to that: I like Korean art and culture. What I don't like is being told that's what I "should" do)? Never been particularly good with authority, and this is certainly no exception.

Sorry for these several long posts, but I have a lot to say. After weeks of very infrequent posting, I know!

As happy as I am that we are moving forward, this whole experience this morning really got under my skin and rubbed me the wrong way.

We had taken this parenting assessment at our initial meeting with Margie back in March, and so one of the things we did today was to go over whatever questions Jeff or I answered that were not the "preferred answers." There weren't that many, thank goodness. Then we discussed any questions where it appeared that he and I disagreed markedly. She said it wasn't a pass/fail kind of thing, just an opportunity to discuss issues that need to be talked about beforehand, to get on the same page with one another and with our agency about parenting.

It reminded me of when Jeff and I were engaged, and we were looking around for Pre-Cana classes to take here in MD. The one church that offered the classes told us that a "compatibility test" was part of the Pre-Cana Program. I'm sorry, but we wouldn't be engaged if we didn't think we were compatible! That pretty much sealed the deal for me. We went elsewhere. Ended up using my hometown church's Pre-Cana Program, in good old PA--and it didn't require a compatibility test.

This time, we don't exactly have a choice in the matter.

Ooh, it just irks me.

I usually like to stay positive and focus only on the "good energy" of anything that is going on in life, but today I'm finding it extremely difficult to do that.

Talk soon--look for my next post on what I learned about our travel to Korea.


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tara said...

Sounds like you are experiencing what every expectant parent experiences... a know-it-all person trying to tell you what "is best." Are you sure that woman was not MY mother-in-law???? Laugh away the bad energy and use that FABULOUS sense of humor God gave you!! I am off to vinyasa. Love,