Monday, August 31, 2009

Matthew's Korean Birth Certificate

Yay! This came in the mail last week! A very official-looking document...every page has two "pieces": the Korean version, and the translated version. Here's what our caseworker wrote (this gives you an idea of what happens next in the process):

Here is a set of your child's legal documents for you to keep. The Family-Relations Certificate is the equivalent of a Korean birth certificate. Another set is going to be sent to Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) with your blue I-600. You should receive your Notice of Approval of Relative Immigrant Visa Petition (I-797C) from CIS within 30-45 days. When you receive it, please send me a photocopy of it; then, I will inform our social worker at Holt Children's Services that your child's visa approval is on its way to the American Embassy in Seoul, Korea. The time frame for arrival is still calculated at about 3-4 months from the acceptance of your assignment. While this filing and approval must occur, it does not alter the time frame of 3-4 months to arrival.

CIS. I-797C. I-600. Notice of Approval of Relative Immigrant Visa's enough to make your head spin!

NOW are you with me, about not sweating the small stuff? This is why we have caseworkers and adoption agencies. I am so thankful for Catholic Charities...they dumb it down for us and cut right to the chase: "Here's what you need to DO." Just give me a concrete, tangible to-do list, and I'll do it.

Ask me to explain it? A whole other story!

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