Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend 2009

Hey, there! Hope everyone's Memorial Day weekend was fun...ours was. We went to PA to visit my family. Everyone was there, and I had such fun with my three nieces Jessica, Anna, and Ava. At my mom's barbecue on Sunday (in between the pouring-down rain!), they had me lying on my back on my mom's driveway, tracing "my shadow" with sidewalk chalk. It was kind of like a sick game of "play CSI victim" but the girls seemed to like it. The result of their tracing me looked like some sort of pudgy, amorphous gingerbread man, or maybe a monster. All of the adults were laughing so hard I swear we were crying. It was hilarious.

My drapes finally came in from Great Beginnings in Gaithersburg. Don't order drapes from them! I ordered them in JANUARY. Yes, January. I just hadn't had the chance to call and cancel the order and give them an earful, but I was planning to. Then they called to say the drapes came in, so I just sucked it up and got them. They do look good (although I'm convinced I could have gotten them online from the company in like a week!).

We drove the crib home from PA this weekend, and we're excited to put it up. OK, let me clarify: I'm excited to put it up. Jeff? Maybe not so much. It's starting to look like a real baby's room. Gives me something to be happy about (if you've read my recent posts, I've been pretty pissy lately but am doing much better now).

Get me through this summer...please! Because once that happens, we'll be REALLY CLOSE to getting our match and then months away from being parents! Thanks to everyone for continuing to be so supportive, always asking about how things are going, and always being there when things, well, AREN'T going!

I'm trying to stay positive! It's so easy to get sucked down into "feel-sorry-for-myself" land...not going there! Not going there! In the meantime, I continue to love playing with everyone else's kids, babysitting, and inching ever closer to The Big Day.

Love and huge hugs to all!

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