Thursday, January 29, 2009

Good News for My Friend Mary Clare

Hi, everyone! Last Thursday, we got an exciting email from our friend Mary Clare, who also lives in Olney and who is also awaiting a child, a girl, from Korea. Well, after a long wait (remember that you wait much longer for girls than for boys from Korea), their big day is finally here! Their daughter Cara will be arriving at Dulles Airport this Friday, and we were invited to be at the airport to witness her arrival and the magic moment when parents and child will finally be united. I can't tell you how much it warms my heart to hear stories like this because it affirms for us that our turn is definitely coming and this WILL happen! And I feel especially privileged that Mary Clare and Marty are allowing us to take part in a very intimate moment in their lives. I told her that we'd videotape the event, so Jeff is going to be the cameraman and I am going to be the photographer. We plan on keeping our distance and just capturing candid moments that I'm sure Mary Clare and Marty are going to appreciate later. I went to her house on Saturday to pitch in to get the house/room ready. They are understandably a little overwhelmed. My task was cleaning up the kitchen and washing and sterilizing the baby of my very first lessons in becoming a parent! Who knew that these things have like 7 different pieces? Good grief. I think I did OK, though.

The flight arrives at 6:30, and we are both leaving work early to attend this special event. So please be thinking about this family on Friday. The date of January 30, 2009, is about to become as important to their family as any birthday will be! Our parent support group meeting is next week, and I'm sure we'll be getting more good news from even more friends who are patiently (or maybe not-so-patiently) waiting just like us! And by watching Mary Clare and Marty at the airport, it gives us the chance to witness what we, as parents, will go through on our own "arrival day."

Jeff and I are going to pick up some baby clothes from his brother this weekend, so it'll be exciting to have things to put in the empty dresser I have waiting in the nursery. We're almost finished clearing the room out completely. Only one small pile remains. The transformation from storage space to nursery has officially begun! At least we have things to keep us busy while we wait.

Anyway, that's what we're up to. Will write more soon. After the parent support group meeting next week, I think I will have a much better idea of where we stand in terms of timeline (e.g., process of elimination, as more people who are ahead of us get their match and we creep ever closer to the front of the line).

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