Thursday, July 3, 2008

Rest in Peace, Jasmine

OK I can't write a lot about this, because I will completely lose it.

On Tuesday, July 1, our sweet little beagle Jasmine passed peacefully, with the help of our amazing vet and friend, Dr. K. She made a housecall (after working all day!) to assist Jasmine with her peaceful entry to Heaven. We spent the entire day with Jasmine, saying good-bye, taking lots of pictures, and hanging out as a family. Before Dr. K got there, Jeff and I had several glasses of wine and toasted our girl.

She drew her last breath at about 10:30 p.m., nestled in between my legs on the deck. She had the most perfect last day--warm breezes blowing, sun shining, no rain in sight. She spent most of it on the deck with us. She was very, very sick at the end there, and ultimately we had to choose her time for her. We know it was the right decision, but still not an easy one to face. We had hoped she'd choose it for us, but alas things didn't work out that way. I can still feel her spirit in our home (I really can!), although her physical presence is no longer with us. It was a blessing having her as our family member since 2001, and we miss her so much. I have been crying for days now. Just keep us in your thoughts.

I know this is not directly related to the adoption, but I figured I'd post a tribute to her here anyway. She was a damn good dog, in every way possible, and although I can't imagine life without her, we are managing, just trying to take things day by day, moment by moment--you know, the ways dogs do. (Jupiter is helping! He's such a happy little dog and doesn't even seem to miss her--of course, she always snapped and growled at him anyway!) She taught us so many lessons about how to live (in the present moment) and how to be (happy and content with what is, all the time), and she always made us smile. I just wish our child will have gotten to know Jasmine--but he or she will have tons of pictures and photo albums to look at, and we'll make sure that he or she learns her name and her legacy.

Thanks for allowing me this indulgence and slight diversion from the main focus of this blog! No more news about the adoption. Just sitting tight and WAITING!!! There is certainly a lot of joy to look forward to--even in my grief and despair, I can see that.



Tammy Hetzel said...

SO SORRY for your loss. When we lost Nicki & Derby it was awful. God's blessings. So glad to hear you are "in waiting" for your child!

tara said...

I am so sorry about Jasmine. I feel your pain! A dog is a truly wonderful friend! I am checking on your blog all the time and CHEERING for you! Love,